Catlin Bank finances construction projects!

Learn About Construction Financing

Why finance the building or remodeling of your home with Catlin Bank?

You are working with a bank that's in your backyard!! Our staff is accessible in person, on site, and just a phone call away. No foreign 800 #, No press 1 for ?, No long waits for service.

A second set of eyes— our staff is on site as you build or remodel your home. They check workmanship and quality standards before a contractor draw is paid.

Process Manager— the bank makes two loans. The first is the construction loan which is a temporary interest only loan. During this phase your main contact at the bank will be our construction processor, Maria Garrett 217-427-2024. When the home is complete we will find the best loan program for your financial needs which will pay off your construction loan.

Coordinated closing— many details precede the closing of your permanent mortgage. It starts with the builder's contract. The bank manages obtaining lien waivers, establishing adequate insurance amounts for both the builder and borrower, reviewing change orders, and overseeing government loan requirements--such as a certified foundation inspection. All of this provides for smooth and timely closing of your permanent mortgage.

Communication is key— we have learned the vast majority of Red Flags in building. Site visits, conversations with you and the builder and payout reviews are the most useful tools in protecting your home. Our staff will intervene quickly upon hearing or seeing a Red Flag.

To hear more, call us and ask for:

Shanna Fisher
Construction Loan Department